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Mapping Progress: Assessing Implementation of the Beijing Platform

Women's Environment and Development Organization (WEDO)
March 1998; 214p.

Mapping Progress is a report by the Women's Environment and Development Organization (WEDO) on the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action (BPFA) based on a survey of governments and NGOs. The document contains ninety (90) country reports that reflect the themes of the WEDO survey. The survey focused on five main areas:

On the gender effects of macro-economic policies, specific information was sought on women's access to land, property and credit, employment, the environment, education, health and housing. Contact numbers and addresses of government offices assigned to the promotion of women in each country are also provided.

Based on the findings, three major trends have emerged to influence the status of women today. First, government commitment to the BPFA has increased. A majority of the governments that have adopted the BPFA have set up national plans for action to improve the lives of women in their countries. Second, the negative impacts of globalization and economic restructuring programs on women have been reported by a number of women's organizations. Women continue to bear the brunt of economic transition as governments have sacrificed social sector spending for structural adjustment programs. The effects of globalization tend to undermine the achievements that have been made in terms of national mechanisms and civil society participation. Lastly, the fulfillment of the BPFA in most countries is taking place with the active involvement and constant monitoring of NGOs and activists. Women's movements in various countries have been instrumental in lobbying for laws beneficial to women. Women's organizations have continued assess and change policies and programs that affect their lives.

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