AWORC Search DEMO Chronal

Since this "AWORC Search" is a DEMO version for participating grpups to understand what we intend to create, there are still a number of unintended errors in search form, coding, keywords, tranlation, etc. AWORC's activity begun in early June 1998, so this is first product for you to evaluate.

Please monitor this page to keep track of the updates and changes.

;0  bug fix chrono

whoops! there was an error in "search_en.html" -- the initial english language interface. Corrected.
<INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="lang" VALUE="ta">Tagalog ..... error
<INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="lang" VALUE="tl">Tagalog ..... corrected
AWORC site opened for public access
note: the korean language search interface is uploaded without native language check.

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