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Implications of the Recent Developments in the BPFA Review Process on AWORC's Training & Information Work

Resource Speaker: Chat Garcia Ramilo
Coordinator, AWORC


The main issues discussed during the session were:

  • What is AWORC's Role in the Regional and Global Review Process?
  • What is the role of the AWORC web site?
  • What are the implications of AWORC's role in the Regional Training Workshop in June?

    In order to answer these questions, the group identified information (content), organizational, and technical/training issues:

    Information/Content Issues:

    1. Inclusive of various views that reflect specific/particular issues of women in the region.
    2. Information about Regional NGO Process
    3. Information about local and national  activities, issues, positions, etc., including the focus of organizations
    4. Information that direct people to important resources
    5. Information that supports lobbying/advocacies including influencing the Regional report and the Secretary General's report
    6. Information that is translated in different languages
    7. Information about actions beyond the Review
    8. Information about women and ICT

    Organizational Issues:

    1. Advantage of being part of the network
    2. Relationship and obligations of the training participants to AWORC:

    Training/Technical Issues:

    1. ICT access of various groups
    2. Availablility of technical support locally/nationally of the participants of the training
    3. Educational and sel-help components --the sustainability of the training.


    Information about women/organizations (potential participants) were determined as a starting point for planning for the training:

    1. computer literacy
    2. level of use of technology
    3. equipment
    4. cost of communication
    5. do they have "info persons"
    6. activities they are doing in realtion to the review process -- how to relate to the web site
    7. how much are they informed about the process
    8. translation capacity

    One of the issues the group tackled was on the type of training to be held for the Regional Training Workshop.  One option was to hold a technical training. Another was to focus on the BPFA Review Process and conduct a content-based workshop.  A third option was to hold parallel trainings on both the technical and content aspects.

    The need to balance the content and technical aspects of AWORC's information work during the Regional Workshop was suggested, as was the need to decide on which aspect to focus on.  In order to come to a decision regarding this, the group discussed their expectations of the Regional Training Workshop.

    After much deliberation, the group finally arrived at the objectives of the Regional Training Workshop.

    Objectives of the training:

    1. Learn skills in HTML and group communication
    2. Develop cooperation
    3. Develop/expand AWORC network
    4. Promote/advocate the use of ICT in the regional women's movement


    The group also discussed the roles and responsibilities of the AWORC Training and Technical Team.  The main issues that emerged were:

    1. How the AWORC Training Team would deal with content development of the web site.
    2. Distinctions between AWORC and the Training & Technical Team
    3. The roles of the Training & Technical Team beyond the Regional Workshop

    On the question of whether or not the Training Team should be involved in the content development of the web site, the main points raised were:

    The group then determined and agreed on the Training Team's tasks and commitments to AWORC. They are:

    1. Providing technical support for women's organizations before, during and specifically after the Regional Training Workshop in June
    2. Act as trainers for the Regional Training Workshop in Seoul, Korea in June
    3. Support for the AWORC web site information architecture and graphical design (to be further discussed on Thursday)
    4. Act as resource persons/trainers for other groups

    The group also agreed to set up a Mailing List for the AWORC Training & Technical Team in order tro further discuss other issues that may emerge. Prior to the June workshop, the Mailing List will include APWINC people who will help coordinate the activity.