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SearchAbout the Multilingual Search Mechanism

How the Search pages are structured

Here's how the search pages are organized, from the "top search page" and onwards. Note: the functions provided in the DEMO Search are subject to change upon further discussion with AWORC members.

  1. Top search page
  2. User interface page
  3. Results page
  4. Index information page
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1. Top search page

The "top search page" is where you just came from :-)

This page is the place to visit if you want updates on the AWORC online database initiative.

This page will carry several links:

  • links to user interface page prepared for different languages
  • link to background information, such as this page
  • links and instruction for installing and setting up correct character codes for selected browser
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2. User interface page

Fixed character sets: English interface Japanese interface Korean interface

Manual character set selection: English interface

2.1 Search options

We will provide documentation of the search options separately with accompanying technical notes. However, the following list provided by our technical support staff at JCA-NET should give you a good idea of what is available.


Search program

Available search items in current (I hope it final) 
version are:

resource host                   ...Available
Contemporary Issues (Subject)   ...Available
free keywords                   ...N/A
selected keywords               ...Available
language                        ...Available
Type of resources               ...Available
Geograpical Coverage (free)     ...N/A
Geograpical Coverage (selected) ...Available
Title (free)                    ...Available
Author/Organization (free)      ...Available
YEAR                            ...N/A
UniqueID                        ...Available


Note: the current layout is only a rough draft. We'd really like to get your feedback on how you'd want to see it look like.

The search interface page also has links to resource pages to provide users with overall view of the scope of issues covered (or to be covered) by our initiative.

Contemporary Issue of Women in Asia

Note: Identification of the "contemporary issues of women in asia" is also an ongoing process subject to discussion.

AWORC keywords

Note: Current version (ver.0.2) of the keywords page is still incomplete. The next update (ver.1.0) will incorporate keywords provided by AWORC members and its translation.

2.2 Language

All language versions of the user interface have same functions. The same search interface is also appended to "search result" page and "index information" page.

Note: All language versions are meant to be same. So if you spot irregularities, please give us your feedback.

The languages we cover so far are:

There are special features added in the DEMO Search which enables Korean users display Japanese characters, or alphabet-based users display non-alphabet characters. Please see the Notes on Asian characters for AWORC for details.


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3. Results page

After submitting the search request, you will see the "results" page consisting of following sections.

  1. List of hit records
    In the DEMO version, each record is represented by three fields taken from the master index information which are:
    1. language
    2. title
    3. UniqueNumber embedded in the "link" which sends out a "request" to "search.cgi" to search for record with that UniqueNumber
    Note: the way records are presented in the "results" page can always be modified, including the selection of representative fields. please send in your needs and wants.
  2. a small section giving the number of hit counts
  3. "search interface" section appended to "results" for more searching or detailed search.
    Note: this "search interface" section is hard-coded in 'search.cgi' and generated along with the search "result" section. The search requst previously submitted is pre-selected in this interface.
  4. trailing navigation links to:
    1. top search page
    2. user interface in respective language
    3. AWROC home

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4. Index information page

When you click on the "link" from the hit list shown in the "results" page, you should see the "index information" page which basically consist of "index information" and "search interface."

  1. index information
    This section provides the full index information of a given record curretly available in AWORC database which are:
    1. resource host
    2. Unique ID:
    3. Subject: (Contemporary Issues)
    4. Physical type:
    5. Language:
    6. Title:
    7. Author, organization:
    8. Date of publication:
    9. Geographical coverage:
    10. Keyword:
    11. Online location:
    It also carries embedded links to:
    1. online location (if provided)
    2. individual introductory page of participating organizations
    3. Contemporary issue of women in asia
  2. search interface
    (same as described in results page)
  3. trailing navigation links
    (same as described in results page)

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