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Final Report of the Asia-Pacific NGO Symposium
Asia-Pacific Women 2000: Gender Equality, Development and Peace

The Regional Report has been divided into two sections, Part A and Part B, available in the following formats:

Part A

Part B

Read the help note if it's your first time to download a PDF file.

Part A

Part A is the formal outcome of the Symposium proceeding. It is comprised of:

  1. An Introduction and Background to the Report
  2. The Conference Declaration
    The declaration details the issues which were identified by delegates as the most important current issues for women of this region now, and for the new millennium. The Declaration was approved by delegates at the final session of the Symposium.
  3. Summary Evaluation
    This section contains a summary of the deliberations of the conference participants on the twelve critical areas of concern. It includes the major recommendations made in workshops.
  4. Analysis of Critical Areas of Concern
    The twelve critical areas of concern addressed in the BPFA are analysed in relation to Gains, Gaps, Challenges, Emerging and Persistent issues. Each point in the Gains and Challenges sections and where appropriate the Persistent issues are referenced to the relevant strategic objectives and action points in the Beijing Platform for Action.
    The Analysis and Summaries of each of the twelve critical areas are the result of full day discussions between conference delegates from across the region expert in the particular area of concern. The findings of these deliberations were presented to the plenary on the final day of the symposium

Calls for endorsement for these sections of the report have been made to NGO's across the region. Endorsements will be accepted until May 15, 2000. Fill out the Endorsement Form (contains addresses of where to send).

Part B

Part B of the report gives an important voice to women who attended the symposium. As well as the formal workshops on the Beijing Platform for Action, a number of other important sessions took place such as the Youth Forum, Gender in Agricultural Environment and Natural Resources Management, a Stakeholders Panel, a Forum - The Women's Movement in the Future. In addition, over twenty special interest groups, which covered issues of national, regional, sub-regional and national interests, and major issues which are common to many women in the region were held. Many of these interest groups submitted reports or statements to the conference organisers. The reports of these sessions are presented below. The outcomes of these sessions was not formally endorsed by the symposium participants at a plenary session, nor by the management committee. There will be no call for endorsement of this section of the report

If you encounter problems downloading the report, write a request to to get the plain text file.

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