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Sending Records for DEMO Search!

  1. Workspace / mailing list

  2. The task

  3. The fields to be contained in the records submitted

  4. Sample record input

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Workspace / mailing list

Library index sharing project of AWORC has a mailing list for its workspace.

The posting address is aworc-thesaurus@jca.apc.org

Question about sending records should be sent to project team's working mailing list

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The task

1. Participating organizations are requested to send 50 or more records per month to lalamaziwa@jca.apc.org for further processing by herself or with help from Yukihiro and Nezumi.

1. Organizations wishing to send database informtion in full instead of 50 per month,
should contact lalamaziwa@jca.apc.org to agree on format of such transfer.

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The fields to be contained in the records are as follows.

  1. resource host
  2. Unique ID:
  3. Subject: (Contemporary Issues)
  4. Physical type:
  5. Language:
  6. Title:
  7. Author, organization:
  8. Date of publication:
  9. Geographical coverage:
  10. Keyword:
  11. Online location:

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Sample record input

1. Database records submitted by participating organizations

among these, kwdi9805.csv and kwdi9807.csv would be a good sample to look at.
(NOTE that first line used for "label" to define the sequence of the datafields of the records being sent.)
These are in csv (comma separated) format. but tab separated text is more preferable)

2. keywords (korean vs english) submitted by Young-Joo --

new keywords appearing in submitted records were translated by Young-Joo to give equivalents in korean and english. they were also provided as tab separated text and in ms excell file.

NOTE: not applicable for phase II of the project since we will be working on keywords translation separately. This part of the project is currently nicknamed as "thesaurus".

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