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Track 2: Using ICT for Policy Advocacy


  • Develop ability to use Internet tools for policy advocacy and campaings;
  • Promote collaboration and resource sharing among women who are using ICT tools to enhance their social and policy advocacy work.
The AWORC Research on How Women Use ICT
  The AWORC Research - DOC
presentation - PPT
Levelling-off on Concepts
  Definition of Terms - DOC
Email Jargons)- DOC
presentation - PPT
Group Sharing on Advocacy and Communication Strategy
Information Architecture
  Information Architecture - DOC
Gartner Web Evaluation Tool - XLS
presentation - PPT
Getting Online
  Getting Online - DOC
presentation - PPT
Using Email and Web-based Group Tools
  What is Email - DOC
Web-based Group Tools - DOC
presentation - PPT
Integrating ICT into Policy Advocacy: Intro to Tools
  Steps in Developing a Communication Strategy - DOC
Intro to Electronic Networking - DOC
Effective Online Networking - DOC
Activist's Strategy for Effective Online Networking - DOC
Navigating the Net - Basics
  Navigating the Net - DOC
Comparison of Popular Search Engines - DOC
Basic Search - DOC
Advance Search - DOC
presentation - PPT
Using Mailing Lists
  Using Mailing Lists - DOC
presentation - PPT
Managing Mailing Lists
  Managing Mailing Lists - DOC
presentation - PPT
Integrating ICT into your Communication Strategy
  presentation (scenario for mock planning) - PPT
Emerging Technologies
  Emerging Technologies - PPT
Open the Software, Free the Source
  Open the Software, Free the Source - DOC
Why Software Should Not have Owners - DOC
Introduction to Open Spurces - DOC
Women and Technology
  APCWNSP gender and ict framework - DOC
Technology and the Sexual Construction of Asian Women - DOC
Promoting Your Site
  Market Research on the Web - DOC
Modems and Cables
  Modems and Cables - DOC
presentation - PPT
Mixing Media
  Mixing Media - DOC
presentation - PPT
  Netizenship - DOC
presentation - PPT
Good Practice
  Good Practice - DOC
presentation - PPT