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Track 3: Managing Information Using Databases


  • Develop ability to plan and design database
  • Develop ability to write detailed specification
  • Develop ability to support other information providers and users from participants' own organisation and/or network.
  • Promote collaboration and resource sharing among information workers of women's organisations.
The AWORC Research on How Women Use ICT
  The AWORC Research - DOC
presentation - PPT
Database Concepts
  Database Concepts - DOC
presentation - PPT
Database Development Cycle
  Database Development Cycle - DOC
Library Management System Design (supplementary reading) - PDF
presentation - PPT
Information Architecture
  Information Architecture - DOC
Gartner Web Evaluation Tool - XLS
presentation - PPT
Developing Database Specifications
  Developing Database Specifications - DOC
Specifications of WENDY (WENT DB) - DOC
presentation - PPT
Introduction to Web-Database Integration
  Introduction to Web-Database Integration - DOC
presentation - PPT
Tools and Resources
  Tools and Resources - PPT
Scenario for Group Exercise - PPT
HTML and Styles
  HTML and Style Sheets - DOC
presentation - PPT
Forms and Client-Side Scripts
  Forms and Client-Side Scripts - DOC
presentation - PPT
Database Engines
  Database Engines - DOC
presentation - PPT
Forms Processing and Server-Side Scripts
  Forms Processing and Server-Side Scripts - DOC
presentation - PPT
  Testing - DOC
presentation (Testing) - PPT
presentation (Test Lab)- PPT
Emerging Technologies
  Emerging Technologies - PPT
Open the Software, Free the Source
  Open the Software, Free the Source - DOC
Why Software Should Not have Owners - DOC
Introduction to Open Spurces - DOC
Women and Technology
  APCWNSP gender and ict framework - DOC
Technology and the Sexual Construction of Asian Women - DOC
Information Building and Content Retrieval
  Information Building and Content Retrieval - DOC
presentation - PPT
Survey of Scripting Languages
  Survey of Scripting Languages - DOC
presentation - PPT
Structured Query Language
  Short Tutorial on Structured Query Language - DOC
Archiving and Wrap Procedures
  Archiving and Wrap Procedures - DOC
presentation - PPT
  Netizenship - DOC
presentation - PPT
Good Practice
  Good Practice - DOC
presentation - PPT